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Faith a Leapin’: The Beginning (Multilingual Edition) Reviews

Great children’s book teaching about faith and hope in a wonderful story. The illustrations are captivating as well! Looking forward to more in the series to come – hurry!

Faith a Leapin' the beginning

This is a very cute book, great for kids. Can’t wait for the next one. Great illustrations and great story of hope and faith!



Edison the Firefly and His Buddy Bell (Multilingual Edition) Reviews

The illustrations in Edison the Firefly and His Buddy Bell are absolutely outstanding! The drawing of the characters and colors chosen are great! The author could not have found a better artist to do her illustrations! My 6-year-old granddaughter loves looking at the pictures but she was not that interested in the story.


Edison the Firefly

I really love the creative way this story of Thomas Edison is told in a way that really can capture a child’s imagination! It’s definitely a great starting point to get children interested in learning about history. Such a great moral story about overcoming one’s disabilities. Success CAN come despite any of life’s hardships, with enough determination! Love it!


Inspirational Story!

I have two nephews that are learning Spanish in school and this book being Multilingual is a wonderful thing. To have that side by side comparison of three different languages. The book is well written, tells life learning experiences and the illustrations are remarkable. One of the best children’s books that I have purchased.

Brenda Coleman

Edison the Firefly and His Buddy Bell

This children’s book is a one-of-kind! It teaches a child about the invention of the phonograh in a truly creative way. I am looking forward to sharing this book with many little ones that come my way and look forward to more from Donna Raye!


Edison the Firefly & His Buddy Bell

Sands of Sanibel: Book One: Sands of Sanibel Series Reviews

Loved this love story, from page 1 to the end. A quick and entertaining book for sure. The simple prose fit the story perfectly. And can’t beat the price!
Love the Words 11

Beautiful Love Story

This is a simple love story. Nothing but honesty and truth, written purely and beautifully. I recommend this book to everyone who needs a lift in their lives! It flows from the first page all the way to the last and you cannot put it down until you’ve read it all the way through! I have read it several times and each time I finish it, my heart is lifted and my outlook even happier than before!


Loved this Story!

This is a beautifully written story of a friendship turned love story of a young man and woman. Donna Raye, the author, makes the reader feel as if they are “there” with the characters. There are lovely metaphors and the surprising detours throughout the story kept me wanting to read until I finished the book, which I did in one sitting. Not a typical love story!

Looking forward to her next book in this series.


Larson’s Quest: Book Two: Sands of Sanibel Series Reviews

This was a great sequel to the book Sands of Sanibel. The development of the characters and their mysterious lives has further engaged my interest in this series! I look forward to what Ms. Raye will reveal in the diaries to their daughter Larsea.

Jeanine Lang

Great sequel...looking forward to the continuation of the adventures and life of Cat and Larson

I found this to be extremely fun to read after the Sands of Sanibel. Not sure if I would have bought it without reading the first book
William Gee

Quick Read

I chose this rating because the book was so well written that I could hardly put it down. I had enjoyed book one and I had been checking for a follow up since I completed book one. Book two did not disappoint. It was a great read.

Sharleen Wright

Loved this Book!!!